A personal trainer is a coach, role model, educator and motivator.

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Ian - Cookham

After 2 operations on discs in the lower back, niggles, aches, twinges and sciatica were a run of the mill fact of life. However, a focus on core conditioning as part of Ashley's expert personal training regime has not only improved strength and flexibility but, more importantly, eliminated the daily discomfort.  Anti-inflammatories are a thing of the past.  No two sessions are the same and they could almost be classified as fun.  Just don't expect too much sympathy from him.  I recommend his services without reservation - the fact that Ashley has achieved the top Level 4 Master Personal Trainer Diploma in Corrective Exercise shines through and the benefits are self-evident.

Wendy - Wooburn Green

After years of trying every diet imaginable,  some more extreme than others , and half-hearted gym sessions I decided it was time to get serious about my health and wellbeing after all no one else was going to do it for  me.  The time had come to find a personal trainer a task that I thought would be easier than it was fortunately after eight weeks of in-depth research I found the ADM Personal Training website.  I gave Ashley a call booked a consultation and well as they say the rest is history currently I am 8 stone or 51 kg lighter by following his advice train effectively and eat healthily, apparently it is not rocket science!   Ashley helps you set achievable goals and pushes you to exceed them. Each weeks training session is varied and he is happy to share his knowledge with you and tailor a programme to your specific needs.  My initial aim was to lose two dress sizes in 12 weeks having achieved that goal in 9 weeks the realisation set in that I could actually achieve so much more.  I will not deny that it takes hard work and lots of effort however being in the best shape of my life is without doubt  is worth it and the on-going encouragement and support provided by Ashley means that I am now planning to running the Marlow 5 in May 2013. I can not thank Ashley enough for the results that he has helped me achieve in such a short space of time I only wish I had done it sooner.

Shona, Reading:
Ashley helped me achieve a more balanced and varied training regime. I became stronger, leaner and thoroughly enjoyed it all. He gave me the confidence to push myself harder and I loved the challenges he set. In fact, my enthusiasm was so great that I went on to qualify as a Personal Trainer myself  - perhaps the biggest compliment I could have paid Ashley!