A personal trainer is a coach, role model, educator and motivator.

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Ashley Dunnicliffe - Dip. MPT, MLBP, SMT

Master Personal Trainer in Corrective Exercise

I have been in the fitness industry since 1998, including 9 years I enjoyed working with the military as a physical training instructor. After leaving the military I completed my Diploma in personal training and sports massage therapy. Recently I have completed my Register of Exercise professionals; level 4 course in Management of exercise for lower back pain, along with core conditioning, movement based flexibility and resisted movement training. So after 2 long hard years of studying I have recently passed my final exam and have joined a very small percentage of level 4 master personal trainers.


Register of Exercise Professionals - Level 4 Paul Chek – Scientific Core Conditioning - Level 4

Premier Training International - Master Personal Trainer Diploma in Corrective Exercise - Level 4

Premier Training International - Certificate in Exercise for the Management of Low Back Pain - Level 4

Premier Training International -
Sports Massage Therapist – Level 3

Premier Training International - Nutrition Adviser –  Level 2

Premier Training International - Special Population - Weight Management – Level 2

Premier Training International - Fitness Trainer Award – Level 2

Army Physical Training Instructor Class 2 –  Level 3

Army Physical Training Instructor Class 3 – Level 2

UK Athletics Coach - Level 2 Ball Stability - Level 1
Power Plate – Core Fundamentals - Level 1 National Pool Lifeguard Qualification – Level 2

Studies have shown that people who work with a personal trainer will achieve up to 80% better results and three times faster.

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